Monday, 11 February 2013

Day one of the holidays!!

Well today was pretty hectic! Day one of the holidays and was a busy day. My day started at 5.30am with a demanding Lockie who wanted his bottle of milk and watch bob! Brayden when he arised
was in full meltdown mood and wasn't happy with the days activities.
Lockie got very excited when he saw some snow had fallen during the night! 1st stop was bowling at 10am which Poppy, Thomas and Sofia-mei was looking forward to it. Brayden on the other hand just wanted to spend the day at home. Bowling went well as it could, Lockie enjoyed the 1st few goes and then soon lost interest, fanny Anna (Sofia-mei) refused to bowl as soon as we got in there and spent the time sat on the iPad while Brayden was just Brayden.
Next stop was back home for eggs on toast and a quick cuppa and then down to Conor's work to drop poppy, Thomas, Sofia-mei and Lockie off while Brayden and I went off for his appt. Actually enjoyed leaving them all with him to babysit! Haha. Turned out the appt was longer than I was expecting and ended up getting the "where are you??" Phone call as we was walking out of the hospital! Arrived at Conor's work to find a very stressed Conor! Hahaha

Next stop was home for an hour and then we was off to activity world! Which went very well, all kids had loads of fun and all played nicely. We had no dramas and we didn't get home till 8pm and got a yummy Chinese takeaway to finish the day off!

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