Monday, 18 March 2013

Magic moments

This week reflecting back on magic moments it would be our very 1st holiday. Although my youngest Lochlainn hadn't been born then, it was my other children's first holiday. it was also a learning experience for our future holidays. We went to butlins at Skegness the last week of July and although we had a lovely time it was far too busy for my oldest son who is in on the autsistic spectrum. So since then we really think our holidays through more thoroughly and so far they have all been perfect!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Magic moments

My most magic moment that was recent was when I was told on Monday at parents evening that my 6 year old Thomas had made massive improvements at school. It felt pretty special to be told that from not being able to count and not being Able to read and that he found letter forming difficult makes me so proud to say that in 3 months he can now do all those things and is putting in such amazing effort. Thomas has had a learning delay and was unable to recognise letters and numbers so he's done amazing to work so hard. Well done Thomas mummy is very proud of you and i Love you lots. Xxxxxx

Silent Sunday