Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day two of the holidays!!

Well have to say today went extremely well! Another busy day. This morning we went down to little miracles centre for a morning of an animal experience where they got to handle a few different animals. Including, different types of lizards, a tiny chameleon, a month python snake, a tarantula, a cockroache, a meerkat and a chinchilla! They loved it and got very excited!

Next was home and seeing it was pancake day after lunch we made pancakes!! Which went down a treat! We then went on to brewsters with a few friends to play at the play centre where they had a whale of a time and then onto McDonald's next door for dinner!

Didn't get home till gone 6 so was all pretty tiered so a quick bath, pjs and bed for Lockie while the 2 boys went off with daddy for a little trip to collect a car in the tow truck! The boys were so excited and the girls stayed home and had cuddles on the sofa watching tv before bed! Perfect end to a perfect day. Xxx

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