Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday fun!

This morning Lochlainn and I had our hair cut! Lockie was amazing! :) he sat as well as he could manage! He loves the big clippers on his head but hates the small trimming clippers as they are noisy! He then went up to bed while I had mine cut. I actually really like my hairdresser. She's so lovely. She has ADHD and is questioning aspergers so we have loads to talk about.

The rest of the afternoon we chilled till the school run.
After school run I had Sofia-mei's parents evening. She's doing amazing! Although her teacher has a few concerns so she will monitor her. So we will see how she goes. She's my baby girl so to me she perfect! Lol

After that we met our friends at the park where we had our weekly hot chocolate and a catchup. Lesley-Anne made all the kids, run round the park at least 10 times to wear them out for bedtime. We was home for 5pm so dinner, bath and bedtime flew by!!! :) xxx

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