Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Turnedeo Tuesday

Today has been a weird day with a hyperactive 2 year old that has hardly stopped. We normally have tots on  a Tuesday but I covered the little miracles centre for the day which was good but boy was Lockie monster hard work!
Was hoping the sensory room would help him settle but no it did no good today. He had no interest in the toys, only 1 book that we had to keep reading over and over.  Other than the book the  only interest he had was being destructive!
On the school run he screamed non stop and didn't stop until we got to the hall for our Orton support group I run on a Tuesday after school and he didn't stop there either. Completely destroyed the place and screamed so much a lady who worked there had to come through to see what was going on. I reckon she must of thought I was beating him!!! Lol actually couldn't wait to get home.

On a good point had parents evening for Brayden and Thomas tonight and they are doing amazing in school. Both have made massive improvement. So proud of them. Thomas has had a learning delay but is improving so much that he can now read and write!! A massive well done to my Tom Tom. Brayden who has always struggled at school and last year he was on a part-time time table and back in October he was working mainly outside the classroom as he couldn't cope being around people. Now he is working mainly inside the classroom and is part of the class rather than a spare part. He seems to be part of social groups now and is making progress every day. He's still below for reading and writing but is to for maths!! So well done Brayden. Xxx

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