Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A pretty good day!

Well today was the day the kids went back to school!! Sofia-Mei and Brayden was not happy bunnies! Lol but they soon settled back and they all had a good day! Was nice picking up a happy Brayden. Lockie and I went to tescos which went pretty well! Lockie can now manage tescos without too many issues and starts the screaming as we finish so not too bad! Well done Lockie for letting mummy do some shopping! We then went off to celebrate Lockie's friend Joshy's 2nd birthday with all their little friends. The morning went well and they all seemed to enjoy their choccy cake! After party time Lockie had a well earned nap while mummy chilled and caught up on washing! Tonight we went for our run and Brayden joined us tonight and we could only manage 3.5 miles roughly! But he did amazing! Well done Bray Bray xxxxxx

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