Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday 4th January.

Had a good day today. Had a chilled morning, Lockie was being his mischievous self, refused to sleep. In the afternoon we went to a friends house, dropped off poppy and Thomas for a sleep over. By the time we got home it was dinner time so count down to bed time!!

Tonight we managed another 4 mile run. Brayden who is 8 joined us and thoroughly enjoyed it! He did amazing. We all did! :) Looking forward to improving. Our aim is to do a 13 mile marathon in october. whetherI will be running then i dont know, but I hope so.

Tomorrow I am running the monthly ADHD support group for little Miracles, which always goes well. 

Looking forward to next week. Have lots planned so fingers crossed it will take my mind off FOOD! Will be nice to get back into a routine. xx

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