Monday, 21 January 2013

Kids go back to school!

Love Mondays!! Kids go back to school! After a weekend with a busy house I do love a quiet Monday!
Yesterday it snowed loads so the snow in Peterborough is pretty deep! Most schools were shut apart from a couple and yep you guessed ours was open! Was hoping for a day off from the school run but it wasn't meant to be! Luckily conor took the kids to school by car with Lockie so was able to do the house work while they was gone so when they got back conor went on to work and Lockie and I chilled! Love mornings with just Lockie and I coz he's so quiet and happy on his own and reminds me of a cheeky mischievous puppy looking for something naughty to do! We had eggs on toast which he ate all up! Love the fact that's he's enjoying food at the moment! We had a play and then he had a nap while I got on with washing and bits and bobs. Had to wake him up for school run but he was in for a treat....
Yesterday we finally dragged my 3 wheeler Jane pram out of storage. Cleaned it all up, pumped the tyres up and so it was raring to go. Pure luxury for Lockie. He couldn't wait to get in it after a year of using a stroller! He can slob out as much as he likes haha. :) so we road tested it today when we did the school run in the snow and was pure bliss to push. Boy had I missed it!
Kids were all quiet after school and this evening. A few squabbles but nothing major. So a pretty nice evening too! Xxx

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