Monday, 7 January 2013


For a Monday, today went pretty well. Last day of the Christmas half-term and back to school tomorrow.  We had a nice trip to the park this morning but OMG did my kids get filthy or what. Told them as they was walking back to the car that I was gonna strip them naked before they went into the house. So we get back to the house and I pull up, go into the house with the little fella, come back to the car to get the rest of them and I have a naked  Brayden!! Talk about taking things literally!! 

We had lunch and then Brayden had a friend over. We had a hectic 2 hours and once they went we chilled until dinner. :)

Tonight Poppy and I and my 2 friends went for our 4 mile run. We did amazing even if I say say myself! So looking forward to seeing the benefits that it will bring. Diet is also going well. Right now things are going really well. 

Looking forward to getting the kids back to school tomorrow and everyone getting back into a routine! 


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