Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Tough Lesson learned! :(

Was having a great day! Finally after many years of having loads of pure rubbish in the garden we have finally managed to get rid of it all!!! was so happy! Next step is to slab the garden so its safe for my mischievous children to play and they dont get filthy and muddy. Will be nice to see Lockie playing on his ride along bikes in the garden. Daddy is going to make a big sandpit for them all and i would like to make a mini sensory area for them. Really looking forward to summer now.

Being in a good mood I cooked an amazing roast chicken dinner. Even made a trifle! My 1st ever trifle I`ve made and I even made home made Yorkies. Was all so yummy!!!

We also had a break through today too! My other half admitted that he liked our bunny rabbits!!!! Weve had them for a year now and he always said he dont like rabbits, well today he admited that he thinks "Coco" our choclate ottar rex bunny is very cute and he even stroked her and said how lovely she feels to touch! wondering whether expansion to our bunnies will be possible?? lol

Well here comes the painful bit.... After getting the kids off to bed nice and early, I sit down to check my bank account and I notice Im £160 down! After going through it its apparent that my darling 8 year old son Brayden has been downloading games, movies and music. It is my fault as I must of saved my bank card details on it when i bought him a £1.27 game back on boxing day. When quizzed Brayden is adamant that he thought they was all free!! whether I believe him or not is a different matter but i  guess its my own fault and £160 later a tough lesson learned. Kids who would have them?? lol xxx

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